Isabelle Andriessen, Lucy Beech, Ève Chabanon, Julien Creuzet, Danielle Dean, Kenny Dunkan, Cooking Sections (Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe), Rana Hamadeh, Paul Maheke in collaboration with Ligia Lewis and Nkisi, Jumana Manna and Yuri Pattison.
With the participation of Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation.

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre; The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”, wrote the poet W. B. Yeats in the aftermath of World War I, then known as the “war to end all wars”. One hundred years later, a deep sense of lack of direction pervades again. Yet, should the centre still hold? Or is this the opportunity for a rebalancing of power?

Notions of “centre” and “periphery” and their dynamics of influence, subordination or conflict appear inadequate to interpret accurately our current times. Le centre ne peut tenir, Lafayette Anticipations’ first group exhibition in its renovated building, gathers a group of young French and international artists. The exhibition reacts to the simplification of current socio-political debates, the reinforcement of cultural, social, and political categorizations, and the fear of difference. It proposes to look for more subtle and less dichotomous methods to address differences, not in terms of separation, but as intimately linked categories, as scholar Denise Ferreira da Silva would formulate – or in relation, as poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant would articulate.

Exclusively composed of new commissions (films, installations, performances and sculptures), which for the most have been produced on site in the Fondation’s production workshop, Le centre ne peut tenir is not a thematic exhibition in the typical sense of the term. Indeed, though certain themes such as borders and migration (of humans, data, heritage and signs) are interwoven in this exhibition, the event also gathers methods, questions and considerations at times linked only by their common social, political and human awareness. These dynamics under study are embodied by the spatial configurations of the exhibition tower’s mobile platforms conceived by
Rem Koolhaas/OMA that will evolve periodically throughout the event.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication, as well as a public program marked by two day-long gatherings (Saturday, July 7 and Saturday, September 8).

Exhibition conceived and developed collectively by Charles Aubin, Anna Colin, Hicham Khalidi, with François Quintin.

Sep 2018
In 29 day(s)
Ève Chabanon et Abou Dubaev, The Surplus of the Non Producer (detail_2), 2018, Le centre ne peut tenir, 20 juin - 9 septembre 2018 © Lafayette Anticipations
View of The Surplus of the Non Producer, a piece developed by Ève Chabanon and Abou Dubaev in the Lafayette Anticipations workshop, 2018 © Lafayette Anticipations
02 Jun
02 Jun 2018
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