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From the capture of events that have taken place within its walls, to musical and audiovisual productions entirely designed for an online experience, Lafayette Anticipations is developing an ambitious program of digital content capable of documenting its activities or offering a unique creative platform for artists.

Lafayette Anticipations presents a new musical and performative project by the artist Lina Lapelytè, Golden Lion at the 2019 Venice Biennale.
Discover the shoe making process of Lina Lapelytè's exhibition The Mutes!
Our ideal soundtrack for June continues its quest for energising soundscapes with 25 tracks drawn from the latest releases.
Discover our exhibition from the comfort of your own home! You are invited to follow a filmed journey to the heart of Seen Through Others, the first major solo exhibition...
Sometimes contemplative (Dean Blunt, KeiyaA, Yasuaki Shimizu), sometimes energizing (Roger Doyle, Vica Pacheco), or even totally danceable (Dame Area, Vanlight Folk), the...
Concert 2min
Closer Music 2022 - Apr 2022
British avant-garde and collective energies resonated all weekend between the Station Gare des Mines and Lafayette Anticipations for the 4th edition of our Closer Music...
Une mixtape qui résonne avec les thématiques de l'exposition de Xinyi Cheng : intimité, douceur, spoken words...
The Chinese artist, who lives in Paris, presents some thirty works produced between 2016 and 2021. Spread over the three floors of the Fondation, the enigmatic universe of...
Exhibition 2min
Xinyi Cheng talks about the artists who have influenced her painting.