The Moulin Familly Endowment Fund

Artists’ Collection



The Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin is a sister entity to the Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette. The endowment fund’s principle mission is to enhance and promote Lafayette Anticipations’ collection.

Collecting is not the work of one life, but of several.

In 2005, my grandmother Ginette Moulin and I made a start on it, in order to see the world  around us come together. Inspired by a five-generation passion for artists, we decided to make this family plan part of a general interest project.

Created in 2013, the Moulin Family Endowment Fund houses over 330 works, assembled over 10 years with an equal measure of passion and patience. Alongside the Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, which is engaged in a mission to produce works and ideas, this endowment fund is not intended to provide sanctuary to creative work, but rather to bring it to life through an active support policy that directly benefits artists and their projects. This platform is its most transparent expression. We conceived it as a public place, to generate more opportunities for sharing and meeting around works of art.

Guillaume Houzé
Vice-President of the Moulin Family Endowment Fund

The Team

Board of Directors

Ginette Moulin
Guillaume Houzé
Arthur Lemoine

2023 - 2025 Advisory Board

Elena Filipovic
Director of the Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland
Saâdane Afif
Cédric Fauq
Chief Curator / Head of Projects, CAPC, France


Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel
Géraldine Breuil
Deputy Director
Aurélie Nahas
Lisa Audureau
Collection Manager
Cécile Dugat
Collection Assistant