Who are we?

Lafayette Anticipations oversees initiatives for the support of contemporary creation led by two general interest organisms, the Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette and the Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin, established by the Galeries Lafayette Group and its stakeholder family.

Lafayette Anticipations, art for another experience of the world
Created on the initiative of the Galeries Lafayette group, the Fondation is a place of exhibition and sharing dedicated to the visual and performing arts. Located in the heart of Paris in the Marais district, Lafayette Anticipations invites visitors to discover other ways of seeing, feeling, and listening to today’s world in order to better imagine, thanks to artists, the world of tomorrow.

Expanding horizons 
Each year, the Fondation presents three exhibitions of daring, inspiring, and moving works, offering as many visions of the world as ways of living in it. The emerging music scene is invited to the Closer Music Festival in January, and the performing arts meet the visual arts during the Échelle Humaine festival in September. The public programme reflects, through talks, conversations, and performances, the ideas that shape and shake up our time.

The exhibitions are free of charge and can be viewed alone, in groups, or accompanied by mediators who encourage sharing, for a lively and accessible visit. The Fondation provides events and workshops for young and old alike and opens its doors in order to encourage the expression of all different sensibilities, welcoming the most diverse audiences.

Artists and creation at the heart of the Fondation
The workshops in the basement of the Fondation are a place of experimentation and creation for artists, with custom tools dedicated to production, film editing, and publishing. Each year a new design studio is invited to create visual identities in connection with the exhibitions. 

An open space of life
The ground floor and its agora is a space of life that is open to everyone. The Librairie presents the Fondation’s publications, books related to the programme and to social issues, as well as design objects and records. At the Café-restaurant pluto the cuisine created by the chef Thomas Coupeau is offered throughout the day and evening.

A space of solidarity and care
Lafayette Anticipations cultivates a solidarity-based approach to creation: wellness-oriented visits, art therapy programmes, collaborations with partners in the medical-social field, and at-risk populations. The Fondation supports non-profit artistic projects and shares its expertise with young people from all walks of life.

Young generations and the spirit of transmission
Open to young audiences and their families, Lafayette Anticipations is a space for sharing. Texts for children, visits and workshops, festive events and activity books are provided free of charge. In collaboration with education professionals, the Fondation designs activities for visitors ranging from kindergarten to university-level students.

A collection of our times
Lafayette Anticipations continues its support for contemporary creation through its collection and acquisitions supported since 2013 by the Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin. Thanks to a committee of experts, the collection expands each year with works by emerging artists. The fund now includes 370 works which are representative of its commitment.

A word from Guillaume Houzé

Drawing on the heritage of Galeries Lafayette, which has always associated designers with its plans, Lafayette Anticipations was born of the conviction that the pulse of a society is taken from the wrists of its artists.

We had this singular vision when we established the Fondation in 2012 as a mission of general interest, and it has become particularly clear four years later.

We had imagined a place dedicated to the most current thinking, capable of involving - as close as possible to the march of the world and the issues of the day - artists, designers, authors, choreographers... so that each and every one of us can help us to glimpse the worlds to come.

While history, which was said to be over, is once again getting out of control, the creators, true to their role as lighthouses, come to 9 rue du Plâtre to invent, debate, propose and above all re-enchant the immediate horizon of possibilities that they hold.

Here we provide them with tools to enable them to multiply their capacity for action, to bring out new forms and ideas. We have created this space with Rem Koolhaas and his agency OMA, around a production workshop, a mobile exhibition tower and an open passageway, designed to make the unknown an ally.

Whether you come alone or with your family, for ten minutes, an hour or a day, our Fondation is designed so that everyone could dream, discuss and be surprised.

Rapports d'activités

Annual reports

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