Coming Soon

While waiting for tomorrow

Exhibition from 28 Feb to 12 May 2024

70 days ago

Thinking, dreaming, foreseeing or fearing the future has shaped our presence in the world since its very beginnings. In our current context, one of profound metamorphosis and uncertainty, Coming Soon revisits this relationship we have with the unknown.

The exhibition looks at our relationship and ways of being towards what is ahead, eludes and awaits us. Between predictions, oracles, systems of anticipation and capitulations, the exhibition mixes commissions to contemporary artists with historical objects.

Taking up artist Barbara Kruger's phrase, "the future belongs to those who can see it", Coming Soon addresses what our conception of the future says of present times; how our hopes, our pessimism, our desires and anxieties manifest themselves; how different ways of beings and attitudes translate.

The future is a time-space in constant evolution, which all don’t get to inhabit under the same terms and conditions. Engaging us to think urgently about the future through different understandings of togetherness, Coming Soon focuses on possible paths of writing, imagining, creating and embodying collective outcomes.

Bas Jan Ader · John Akomfrah · Chino Amobi · Clovis Bataille · Nina Beier · Neïl Beloufa · Stéphanie Brossard · Leonora Carrington · Xinyi Cheng · Alexandru Chira · Mimosa Echard · Cécile B. Evans * · Cerith Wyn Evans · Johann Heinrich Füssli · Marguerite Humeau · Christine Sun Kim · Emma Kunz · Romany Marie · · Philippe Parreno · Benoît Piéron · Bridget Polk · Heji Shin · Lisa Signorini * · The Simpsons · Diamond Stingily · Martine Syms · Sung Tieu · Rirkrit Tiravanija · Nora Turato · Jules Verne  · Georges Widener. And archaeological objects from the Louvre.

* New productions supported by Lafayette Anticipations

Curator: Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

Cover image credit: Nina Beier, Fleet, 2024. Courtesy of the artist, Croy Nielsen, Vienna and Standard, Oslo © Aurélie Mole

In partnership with LibérationTéléramaM Le Magaine du MondeKonbiniLe BonbonThe New York Times

Exhibition view Coming Soon. While waiting for tomorrow, Lafayette Anticipations © Aurélien Mole
Christine Sun Kim, Futurist Future, 2023. Courtesy of the artist, White Space, Beijing and François Ghebaly, Los Angeles. © Aurélien Mole
Bridget Polk, Balance, 2024. Courtesy of the artist © Aurélien Mole

During the exhibition