Open up the realms of possibility and explore the future at a divine evening around the 'Coming Soon' exhibition!

Guided tours by prophetic cocottes, ping pong tournaments under the sign of oracles, a workshop to sketch the plants of the future... A whole programme to reflect with the artists on what's to come.

→ DJ set by Views · Agora
Views media takes over the Agora to offer a futuristic-sounding DJ set.

→ Tomorrow is the question! Ping pong tournament under the sign of oracles · Agora
Try your hand at ping pong on the amazing table imagined by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija and win a palmistry session. A mysterious oracle reads the lines in your hand and could well answer your questions about the future.

→ Prophetic visit · Meeting point in the Agora, departure every 30 minutes, duration: 15 minutes
Using prophetic paper cocottes, a mediator will take you on a tour of the works in the exhibition, guided by the laws of chance and fate.

→ Plants of the future · Drawing workshop at Studiolo (2nd floor of the exhibition, every 30 minutes)
Imagine and draw the properties and prophecies of the plants of the future, in the company of illustrator Laura Daniel. These plant sketches with an ecological accent will delight your visions of the future.

→ Divinatory consultations in front of the works · Levels 1 and 2 of the exhibition
The fortuitousness of the divinatory arts will illuminate your visit to the exhibition. Léone Metayer - actress and fortune-teller - will answer your questions about a selection of works using a game of Tarot de Marseille. It's an experience that's sure to stimulate you to think and look afresh.

→ "Rock Balancing", performance by Bridget Polk · 3rd floor of the exhibition, continuous
Bridget Polk practises 'rock balancing': she stacks stones and finds their point of balance, allowing them to remain together for a few days, a few minutes, a few days, a few days.