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'The Great Bailout' is a major work by poet, activist, sound experimenter and Afrofuturist Moor Mother (aka Camae Ayewa). In a trio with Aho Ssan and Simon Sieger, she presents this ninth album (the third on ANTI-Records) for the first time in Paris, shedding light on the horrors of a past that is often too easily forgotten.

'The Great Bailout' dissects the history and lasting effects of British colonialism, acting as a "non-linear mapping of colonialism, slavery and trade in Britain and the Commonwealth".

The word 'bailout' refers specifically to the fact that the 1833 Abolition of Slavery Act guaranteed substantial compensation payments, not to those who had been forced into slavery, but to registered 'owners' throughout the British Empire.

The album consists of three sections, ranging from a deconstructed version of the British national anthem (God Save The Queen), through elements of gospel and African soul, to the final section, Liverpool Wins. Ayewa explains: "It refers to that period when the slave trade was so incredible that Liverpool overtook London for a while. The whole landscape changed, for generations.

The album features contributions from Lonnie Holley, Mary Lattimore, Angel Bat Dawid and others.

Moor Mother est l'artiste visuelle interdisciplinaire, musicienne et poète basée à Philadelphie, Camae Ayewa.

Camae Ayewa (Moor Mother) s'est produite dans de nombreux festivals, galeries et musées à travers le monde, partageant la scène avec King Britt, Roscoe Mitchell, Claudia Rankine, Bell Hooks, et bien d'autres.

Camae est chanteuse dans quatre groupes de performance : Irreversible Entanglements, Moor Jewelry, 700bliss et ZONAL.

Fin 2016, elle a sorti son premier album Fetish Bones sur Don Giovanni records, salué par la critique. Fetish Bones a été nommé 3e meilleur album de l'année par The Wire Magazine.

Elle a depuis sorti The Motionless Present, et a été à la tête des groupes Irreversible Entanglements et Moor Jewelry et 700bliss.

Grâce à son énergie inépuisable, elle s'est récemment produite dans une foule de festivals importants, dont Borealis, CTM, Le Guess Who ?, Unsound, Flow, Rewire et Donau.

En novembre 2019, elle sort Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes sur Don Giovanni, qui a été salué par la critique.

Aho Ssan is the artist name of Paris based Niamké Désiré.

After studying graphic design and cinema, he began to compose electronic music and create his own digital instruments. Shortly thereafter he went on to win the Foundation France television prize for his soundtrack to the film D’Ingha Mago in 2015 and has worked on several projects related to IRCAM.


His debut LP «Simulacrum» was released on Subtext Recordings.