Tomás Saraceno

Born in 1973 at Argentina. Lives and works in Berlin.
Tomás Saraceno's projects dialogue with forms of life and life-forming, rethinking dominant threads of knowledge in the Capitalocene era and recognising how diverse modes of being engage a multiplicity of meanings.

For more than two decades, Saraceno has activated open-source, collective and interdisciplinary projects aimed towards rethinking the co-creation of the atmosphere, including Museo Aero Solar (2007–), the Aerocene Foundation (2015–), and Arachnophilia, towards a society free from carbon emissions, for eco-social justice.

Saraceno’s work with local communities, scientific researchers, and institutions around the world, aims to seek out a more equal balance of human, techno and biodiversity, with the understanding that knowledge is produced from specific situations. He has held numerous residencies including MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (2012–); has staged artistic interventions with COP20, COP21, and COP26; and received recognitions such as the Konex Platinum Award in Art and Technology (2022).

Saraceno has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions and permanent installations at museums and institutions internationally including the Serpentine Galleries, London (2023); Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania (2022); The Shed, New York (2022); Towada Art Center, Japan (2021); Carte Blanche at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2018); Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires (2017); K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Ständehaus, Dusseldorf (2013); the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (2012); and Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin (2011), and has participated in numerous festivals and biennales, including the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale (2020) and the 53rd and 58th Venice Biennales (2009, 2019).

In 2024, he participated in the collective exhibition Coming Soon at Lafayette Anticipations, Paris.