Lafayette Anticipations

Closer Music

3 days of Festival
From 31 Jan to 02 Feb 2020

2 years and 10 months ago

In three days of concerts and performance works, the first Closer Music festival, in 2019, set out to blur distinctions between sight and sound experiences. Its ambition - as its name suggests - is to encourage closer connections within a vibrant, utopian creative environment.
Again with Etienne Blanchot at the helm, and guided by the same desire to mix it up, Closer Music returns in 2020 and is more determined than ever to tear down walls between disciplines and practices. Taking advantage of the foundation's versatile spaces, the festival spotlights rare collaborations and builds bridges between different forms of expression. Closer Music goes beyond the conventional music festival format to experiment with how we relate to music. This second edition features an extended daytime programme with exhibition by Polish artist Jagna Ciuchta. Events, which are free, include performance-conferences by Katia Kameli (My Anthology of Rai) and Bertrand Lamarche (who explores his fascination with Kate Bush), warm-up sessions with Jean-Biche, and early-evening live concerts. Later in the evening, certainly one of the festival's most hotly anticipated concerts is Not Waving & Dark Mark, aka cult American indie-rock singer Mark Lanegan and, from Italy, one of the most exciting electronic music artists of his generation, Not Waving, making their first appearance in France. Another expected event: Nicolas Godin, half of Air, who will offer the festival the interpretation of his new album announced as a return to a cosmic sound. Closer Music also invites, from Brazil, the raucously unpredictable performance group Teto Preto; shaman synthesist Alessandro Cortini, playing tracks from his new album on the Mute label; Mhysa, futuristic R'n'B discovery, newly signed at Hyperdub and finally punk troubadour Tom of England (LIES Records) whose past collaborations include with DJ Harvey, live with Bobbie Marie. In partnership with Les inrockuptibles and Radio Nova.
Festival Closer Music 2020 / Day 2
Festival Closer Music 2020 / Day 3