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Teto Preto

CLOSER MUSIC - Friday, January 31

Teto Preto + Bendik Giske + Mhysa + Bendik Giske + Lavascar
Teto Preto
While Brazil is going through one of its darkest periods, Teto Preto is organizing resistance in the form of a hybrid and free project. Frontal, physical and wild, the group's music explores many political subjects and aims to confront conservative society with its excesses and shortcomings. Teto Preto in concert is an impressive performance that goes from organic sounds to synthetic jolts, in an improbable mix of disco, punk, club and traditional influences.

Bendik Giske
Bendik Giske is a queer artist who places his musical practice at equal distance from jazz and club music. This Norwegian saxophonist recreates live the rhythmic patterns and arpeggios typical of the electronic music that inspires him (he cites Lindstrom as an influence). Far from the more physical demonstrations of Colin Stetson (who fishes out his energy in extreme metal), Giske leaves room for vulnerability and its limits, marks of his humanity and territory in perpetual movement. His latest album was released by Smalltown Supersound and offers a minimalist, human and carnal music.

We owe the discovery of Mhysa to "The Wire" magazine. Originally from Philadelphia, the MC plays a hybrid music between freezing R'n B, electronic soul and strange bass music. It has logically seduced the English label Hyperdub, always at the forefront in the worlds at the fringe of the music club and exciting experiments. In her songs, Mhysa explores a political and sociological dimension that is always tinged with pop culture.

Lavascar (Michèle Lamy & Nico Vascellari)
Born in 2017 in Paris, Lavascar was built around the personality of Michèle Lamy, a fashion icon and muse of Rick Owens and Nico Vascellari. The duo bridges the gap between spoken word and dark and moving electronic music. With a very empirical approach, Lavascar is a story of words and deprivation, a synthetic and moving narrative that will recall the past works of Patti Smith or Current 93 supported by powerful electronic arrangements typical of the EBM.
Lafayette Anticipations

Friday 31 Jan 2020
from 06:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Lafayette Anticipations
Teto Preto
Mhysa © Naima Green
Bendik Giske - CTM festival - Berlin 2019

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