Nicolas Godin

CLOSER MUSIC - Saturday, February 1

Maria Teriaeva + Tom of England (live w Bobbie Marie) + Nicolas Godin + Maria Somerville
Nicolas Godin
Long before the advent of Internet culture, Nicolas Godin, with the duo Air, had taken up the challenge of an omniscient music that built a bridge between a fantasized past and a future dreamer. Freed from the cult French touch duo, he now explores, alone, an unusual melodic music of fascinating beauty. It will be released in early 2020 "Concrete & Glass", a new album featuring Californian Colay Boyy and Alexis Taylor, escaped from Hot Chip for a mutant and timeless approach to melancholic pop music, carnal and bathed in keyboards of which he has the secret.

Tom of England (live w Bobbie Marie)
Thomas Bullock has long remained in the shadows shaking the depths of the world club scene. Collaborator of DJ Harvey, member of Tonka Hi-fi, Wicked Sound System and Rub N Tug, he produces under the name of Tom of England an electronic music tinged with punk and no wave which revives a golden age when the avant-garde frequented night clubs. Released on the LIES label this fall, his first moving essay is to be classified somewhere between Arthur Russell, PIL and Joy Division.

Maria Somerville
Inspired by the arid and wild landscapes of her native Ireland, Maria Somerville's music evolves between drone and dream pop. Sometimes reminiscent of Grouper or Cocteau Twins, the young musician's tracks are supported by minimal rhythms that multiply their evocative power tenfold. A music that willingly calls for vertigo and abandonment, never experimental and yet often surprising. Far from the ambient music created at the km, Maria Somerville succeeds in creating a captivating imaginary sound that should work wonders live.

Maria Teriaeva
A native of Siberia, Maria Teriaeva made her debut on the prolific Russian indie pop scene before going solo. It was her encounter with Music Easel (a modular analog synthesizer developed by Don Buchla that functions as a portable studio) that became the starting point for her debut album Focus. Her music navigates between Intelligent Dance Music, dream pop and ambient, with a melodic and aerial approach. Maria Teriaeva sees the modular synthesizer as an instrument like any other to play and explore. She designs in Russia innovative instruments and Buchla modules in parallel to her career as a musician and producer. Two activities on which a wind of freedom blows that allows her to contribute to the definition of futuristic and avant-garde music.
Lafayette Anticipations

Saturday 01 Feb 2020
from 06:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Nicolas Godin
Nicolas Godin - The Foundation ft. Cola Boyy
Tom Of England - Song Of The Sex Monk
Maria Teriaeva

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