Kate and the time machine is a proposal by Bertrand Lamarche on the place that the figure of Kate Bush holds in his artistic practice.

Bertrand Lamarche's installations are conceived as dynamic systems fuelled by different centres of interest: meteorological phenomena, large architectural ensembles, spatio-temporal distortions... Without ever falling into reference, his works are as if haunted by the remembered presence of Kate Bush. Like a set of active principles, the voice, music and image of the British pop singer influence the visual artist in his practice, infusing his work with a dimension that is both ecstatic and conceptual.
Lafayette Anticipations
Bertrand Lamarche, Kate and the Time Machine © Martin Argyroglo
Exploiting spatial and distortions, Bertrand Lamarche proposes a group of sculptural hypotheses that are at once ecstatic and conceptual. His work is rooted in the amplification and the potential for speculation of figures that have featured regularly in his oeuvre for nearly 20 years : the city of Nancy, Kate Bush, meteorology, giant umbellifers, revolving lights, tunnels, record decks. A large proportion of his artwork is characterized by a desire for subjectivation and appropriation of these differents portions or figures of reality. Through modelling work, the artist reinvests these figures and develops a set of proposals, sometimes vertiginous in the sense that they proceed from loops, that they stage abysses and proceed from a loss of spatio-temporal landmarks and scale distortions. Born in 1966, Bertrand Lamarche lives and works in Paris. He is represented by the Jérôme Poggi gallery. He is a graduate of La Villa Arson in Nice. His work has been shown in various museums and art centers in France, the USA, Brazil and Europe since 1997. It is part of private collections as well as public collections such as the Musée national d'Art moderne - Centre Pompidou (Paris), the FRAC Île-de-France, Les Abattoirs (Toulouse), the MAC VAL (Vitry-sur-Seine) or the Musée départemental d'art contemporain (Rochechouart). In 2012, Bertrand Lamarche was nominated for the Marcel Duchamp Prize. His work was the subject of two major exhibitions, at the FRAC Centre (Orléans) and at the CCC (Tours). A monograph, the plot, was recently published in 2018 with La Maréchalerie-centre d'art contemporain ENSA V, and includes texts by Nathalie Leleu and Ingrid Luquet-Gad.