Festival Kaleidoscope Manifesto, Lafayette Anticipations

Kaleidoscope Manifesto

3 days of Festival
From 17 to 19 May 2019

5 years and 0 months ago

This new festival, co-curated by KALEIDOSCOPE magazine, offers a multi-disciplinary program of public events over three days.
Throughout a series of talks, screenings, workshops and performances, some of the most interesting and influential figures on the contemporary creative scene are brought together to meet the Parisian public. The core theme of the first edition of KALEIDOSCOPE MANIFESTO will be on collaboration. As the “collab” mentality becomes the biggest trend across fashion and design, it is important to emphasize how collaboration between artists and creative heads from different fields has been a staple of contemporary art since the 20th century. Today, as the figure of the “author” becomes increasingly hybrid and collective, we witness the shift from a linear creation of value onto a “constellar” one that relies on curiosity, reciprocity and mutual inspiration, at times resulting into enduring synergies which open up an entirely new world for the artists involved. Over three days of encounters, KALEIDOSCOPE MANIFESTO will activate the core functions of Lafayette Anticipations, turning the OMA building into a machine for collective production of ideas, and the temporary home of a spontaneous community.
 Artists, thinkers and creators participating in the festival include Virgil Abloh, Amnesia Scanner, Neil Beloufa, Black Radical Imagination, Le Cinéma Club, Yussef Dayes, Simon Denny, DIS, Kelsey Lu, Red Lebanese, Cali Thornhill Dewitt, Total Luxury Spa and Young Girl Reading Group, among others. Curators : Alessio Ascari, KALEIDOSCOPE’s creative director, Myriam Ben Salah, KALEIDOSCOPE’s editor-at-large and François Quintin, Lafayette Anticipation's director With the support of The Vinyl Factory | MUUTO | Mama Shelter In partnership with : Les Inrockuptibles
Kaleidoscope Manifesto Festival, Lafayette Anticipations
Virgil Abloh, 12-INCH-VOICES, 2019 © Martin Argyroglo
Kaleidoscope Manifesto Festival, Lafayette Anticipations
Kaleidoscope Manifesto Festival, Lafayette Anticipations © Martin Argyroglo
Kelsey Lu, Kaleidoscope Manifesto Festival, Lafayette Anticipations © Martin Argyroglo