Closer Music

Edition 2022

2 days of Festival
From 09 to 10 Apr 2022

2 years and 2 months ago

Since 2018, the Closer Music festival has sought to unearth the most audacious international musical movements while seeking to open up musical chapels and renew the live concert experience, drawing on the possibilities of a polymorphic building.

In three editions, Closer Music has distilled the idea that a music festival is above all a place of discovery, aesthetic emotion and communion. Through a particular attention to listening conditions, bridges between disciplines and a careful programming, the festival proposes another way to experience music.

The performances of Robert Görl (DAF), Tirzah, Pan Daijing, Lucy Railton, Alessandro Cortini, Maria Teriaeva, Lyra Pramuk or Detlef Weinrich & Emmanuelle Parrenin were, among others, unforgettable experiences, symbols of the singular approach of the event.

This year, for its fourth edition, Closer Music will focus on collective and collaborative energies, with particular attention given to the current creative movement on the UK scene.

The multidisciplinary CURL collective - Mica Levi (Micachu), Coby Sey (Tirzah's collaborator), Brother May - combines freedom of experimentation with melodic expressiveness, Tara Clerkin Trio, one of the most exciting projects of the last few months, bridges the gap between jazz, synthetic music and art rock, and Space Afrika, a duo at the cutting edge of ethereal, reinvented bass music, accompanied by MC and choreographer Blackhaine in the new space of La Station Nord - Gare des Mines, for a new groundbreaking performance, as well as NÂR, a pioneer of Arab no-wave.

The festival is accompanied on Saturday by a unique kind of rave party: a party exclusively for children and their families, led by the collectives Playtronica and 16 Pineapples.

There will also be the now traditional Warm Up Sessions, warm-up sessions open to all, to wake up bodies and minds with Fallon Mayanja.

Programme: Etienne Blanchot

In partnership with Les Inrockuptibles, TRAX and Manifesto XXI.