CURL + Tara Clerkin Trio

Second and last evening of Closer Music dedicated to collective energies with CURL and Tara Clerkin Trio.
Each in their own way, the members of the London collective CURL have contributed to bringing a bit of poetry, melancholy and humanity to synthetic music. Within this entity, we find Coby Sey, a discreet but key figure of the current London underground. Collaborator of Tirzah, Kwes, Kelly Lee Owens or Babyfather, he is celebrated for his approach which often evokes a dreamy antechamber of the dancefloor. Songwriter, MC, producer... It would be a mistake to reduce Brother May only to his status of multidisciplinary artist. He describes himself as a "sculptor of ideas" and it is probably this approach that gives his music that extra fleshiness. Mica Levi is a cornerstone of contemporary music, navigating between film soundtracks and poetic, even melancholic experiments. The members of CURL have come together to transcend practices and disciplines, in a approach that seems highly necessary today.

Tara Clerkin Trio
Experimental music for those who don't like it? This is probably a good way to sum up the approach of Tara Clerkin Trio, three young musicians from Bristol who took everyone by surprise with the release of their first album in 2020. With a real science of ambiences, inherited as much from jazz as from library music, an iconoclastic ardour that pushes them to forbid themselves nothing and a certain love for melodies, the group succeeds in the challenge of a timeless music and yet full of innovations. In a few bars, we go from noise passages to synthetic minimalism, from vintage psychedelia to perfectly mastered vocal harmonies in a climate of permanent surprise.
CURL © Joseph Hayes
Tara Clerkin Trio © Matilda Hilljenkins


CURL is a collective based in London featuring Mica Levi, Coby Sey, Brother May among others.

Coby Sey est un chanteur, musicien et DJ du sud-est de Londres qui offre une vision changeante et déstabilisante de la musique de club.
Collaborateur de longue date de Mica Levi, Tirzah, Babyfather, Klein et Kwes, Coby a enregistré son travail - comme en témoigne son EP sur AD 93 'Whities 010 : Transport for Lewisham" 10″ - couvre les domaines de l'instrumentation en direct, des productions basées sur des échantillons et de la musique expérimentale, en fusionnant des motifs reconnaissables de hip hop, drone, techno, post-punk, fusion et plus encore dans une anesthésie doublée. En direct, ces compositions oniriques sont imprégnées d'une énergie lourde et inquiétante, souvent soutenue par des chants en direct ainsi que des interjections de saxophones, des cohortes régulières de Ben Vince et Calderwood.

Mica Levi is a musician and composer.

They are currently a member of the groups CURL, Good Sad Happy Bad and Tirzah.

Songwriter, producer, and MC Brother May is more than just a multi-disciplinary artist.

He’s a creative auteur, sculpting spontaneous ideas into new and innovative forms through music and sound that’s based upon ideals of freedom and expressivity.

The trio comprises of Tara Clerkin, Sunny-Joe Paradisos and Patrick Benjamin who’ve been playing together and apart in various guises and forms in Bristol for around a decade.

Drifting from dubby minimalism to smudged acid jazz, Tara’s stark and tuneful voice acts as the vehicle for her concise poetic lyricism.

The group coalesce disparate influences into a cohesive sound, reflecting a romantic view of a familiar world.