Echelle Humaine

Edition 2022

7 days of Festival
From 12 to 18 Sep 2022

1 year and 9 months ago

This 5th edition of Échelle Humaine brings together multi-voiced solos, closely interwoven duos, composite and collaborative works that remind us that creativity is neither off the ground nor isolated.

Made up of rewritings, borrowings, sediments and translations, the pieces in this fifth edition unfold at the interface of heritage and invention. Noé Soulier revisits William Forsythe's "Improvisation technologies". Bryana Fritz disrupts the hagiographies of medieval saints. Dorothée Munyaneza, a cappella, shares the songs and languages that set her in motion. Pol Pi and his violin bring together and narrate the choreographies of Dore Hoyer and the compositions of Paul Hindemith. Yasmine Hugonnet reveals the porous space between the bodies and invites immobility and movement in the same envelope. Clédat and Petitpierre update a robust Swiss cuckoo clock and lovingly combine the solid and the supple, application and play. Finally, Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion, with the precision of watchmakers and a delightful complicity, translate notes into gestures and hazards into scores. For a week, these intense and joyful combinations, which forge and are forged by creation, are displayed. They form solid wefts and active hinges that open up infinite perspectives.

Programme: Amélie Coster (programme Dérives: Madeleine Planeix-Crocker)

Presented with the Festival d'Automne à Paris.