Vava Dudu
Lover of the avant-garde!
Multi-disciplinary designer,
Fashion designer, illustrator,
A fan of lines and colour
I also make furniture
And customized guitars
With the Transpiration Collective
I sing in a band called
La Chatte… Miaow!
Electro zouk punk new wave
A new album is out this April with the
the Tsunami Addiction Label.
Check it out!
My motto in life? Never get bored! Designer of jewellery, clothing, Fancy and fun, The avant-garde is my philosophy, DIY Punk Chic and elegant Couture mixed with street wear. I love FLASHY colours But have my DARK phases too Perfect total black look I’m obsessed with thigh-high boots Lycra suits Onesies, hoodies and fur Prints My go-to beauty product? Nivea, I never go out without eye liner, or sometimes Black and blue lip gloss. I’ve been shaving my hair and eyebrows for years but at the moment, I like to sculpt them 80s’ B.BOY style. Or Marge Simpson. My favourite stores? International flea markets and EBAY for boots, MON AMOUR boutique in Paris on the Rue Charlot is a treasure trove of great Vintage and avant-garde finds. My designs can be found at Kokon To Zai Paris And Culotte Boutique…
Série de dessins, Biographie de Vava Dudu_2 © Vava Dudu
© Vava Dudu