Artist of the Collection

Vava Dudu

Born in 1970 at Paris

The multidisciplinary artist Vava Dudu refuses to follow convention: she draws and writes poetry, makes clothes and accessories, and builds furniture and guitars. She asserts her position as an outsider in contemporary art by stating that she “prefers extremes to the middle ground.” Her work as an independent stylist goes hand in hand with her activity as a singer in La Chatte, an electro-zouk punk new wave band founded in 2013 with Stéphane Argillet and Nicolas Jorio, aka “Nikolu.” Her underground artistic world, which joyously combines text and image, is expressed through various different media.

Vava Dudu was born in 1970 in Paris, where she lives and works. Together with Fabrice Lorrain, Vava Dudu received the ANDAM (Association nationale pour le développement des arts de la mode) prize in 2001.