Pol Taburet is a French artist who graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure d'art de Paris-Cergy.

In his paintings as well as in his sculptures, Pol Taburet questions the relationship between the body - human and animal - and the object: the way in which together they exist in the domestic space, and the shifts between the inanimate and the animate. The figures he stages emanate a mysterious and magical power that summons our imagination.

His work blends various sources of inspiration including Caribbean mythology and beliefs, contemporary culture and European painting.

In 2022, he was awarded the Reiffers Art Initiative prize for young creation and cultural diversity. 

He presented the solo exhibitions OPERA III : ZOO “The Day of Heaven and Hell at Lafayette Anticipations, Paris en 2023; OPERA II at C L E A R I N G, Los Angeles, in 2022 and OPERA I at the gallery Balice Hertling Paris in 2021.

Works from the Collection