My dear

Date: 2023
Medium: Wood, resin, and silicone, Produced by Lafayette Anticipations
Courtesy: Courtesy of the artist, Balice Hertling, Paris
View of Pol Taburet’s exhibition OPERA III: ZOO “The Day of Heaven and Hell” at Lafayette Anticipations, Paris, 21 June – 3 September 2023 © Pierre Antoine, Lafayette Anticipations
The installation My Dear, which occupies a central place in the second act of the exhibition, evokes the heavenly powers.

Like a temple dedicated to a deity, the work contains a dining room table covered with a thick white tablecloth, from under which the two large paws of a sphynx emerge, claws bared. Only the legs are visible, both hyper-realistic and cartoonish, as if the animal had merged with the table, which thereby becomes monstrous. They seem ready to pounce on their prey—in this case the audience. My Dear is a symbol of predation and evokes execution. The dining room table around which the family meals are eaten becomes a sacrificial altar, or the embodiment of a deceased being.