A sacred pit

Date: 2021
Medium: Acrylic and alcohol-based paint on canvas
Collection: Collection Calvin Marcus, Los Angeles
Vue de l’exposition de Pol Taburet OPERA III: ZOO “The Day of Heaven and Hell” à Lafayette Anticipations, Paris, 21 juin – 3 septembre 2023 © Pierre Antoine, Lafayette Anticipations
A Sacred Pit depicts a cry, a powerful emotion that bursts forth and resounds forcefully outwards.

The “sacred pit” to which the title refers is reminiscent of a concert mosh pit, an orchestra pit at the opera, or the pit of a tomb. Thus, this cry can be both euphoric and festive, that of singers, or that of fear and the final breath. The gaping mouth is filled with shiny jewels: is it about to swallow them up or spit them out? The face is framed by metal doors, which resemble those of a lift whose doors open and close on the face which is trapped in the ultramarine blue space in the background. This abstract background refers to the blue of the divine and the celestial powers. In Pol Taburet’s work, the figure of the angel (whether benevolent or malevolent) often appears in a monochromatic frame, as a presence in a world that is not his own, offering a way of breaking through to another world.