Screening of the film "Grandeur Nature" by Arnaud Dezoteux

Tuesday 13 Jun 2023 from 8pm to 9pm

Free upon registration

Still du film Grandeur Nature d'Arnaud Dezoteux © ADAGP, Paris, 2023

The screening of Arnaud Dezoteux's film cannot take place on the originally scheduled date (20 December) and is postponed to a later date in 2023.

Laureate of the À l'oeuvre 2022 programme, Arnaud Dezoteux worked on the editing of his latest film "Grandeur Nature", which will be screened in the first part of the evening and followed by a conversation between the artist, Clémence Agnez and Celsian Langlois.

Co-written with Clémence Agnez, this film is the result of three years of joint research into questions related to the de-subjectification of the artist/author and the complex filmic devices that characterise Arnaud's work.

It was produced by Glassbox as part of the Causes Minor project, which aims to translate the practice of the Grandeur Nature role-playing game into film. The artist Celsian Langlois wrote the soundtrack, while Benjamin Fraboulet was in charge of the production.

The team, which we follow in the film, chose to record the sequences and sound tracks while taking part in the game of the legends of Hyborée, a massive role-playing game (known as mass-LARP) organised by the Eve Oniris association for the past ten years.
© ADAGP Still from "Grandeur Nature" by Arnaud Dezoteux
© ADAGP Still from "Grandeur Nature" by Arnaud Dezoteux
© ADAGP Still from "Grandeur Nature" by Arnaud Dezoteux

A 2011 graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Arnaud Dezoteux’s films and installations focused on reality TV, seduction coaching or body-building and often use the green screen studio as the place for an atypical confrontation with the actors, bringing together backstage, improvisation and spectacular effect.

After a solo exhibition at the Edouard Manet gallery in Gennevilliers (2016), he presented his film "Miroir de Haute-Valnia" at the Centre Pompidou (2017) and a project around Billy the Kid at the Pernod-Ricard Foundation (2021).His films have been shown at the art centre Les Bains Douches in Alençon, at the Confort Moderne in Poitiers, at the Lafayette Foundation, at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, at the 221A gallery in Vancouver or the Forde Gallery in Geneva.

Celsian Langlois is an artist who lives and works in Cormeray (41). He studied music at the conservatory before graduating from ENS Louis-Lumière in 2016, then developed a practice around sound and listening.

He participates in exhibitions (at 116 in Montreuil, MAC in Lyon, +359 Galery in Sofia...), regularly performs in exhibitions or festivals (CAC Tignous in Montreuil, Galerie 26 Chaises, Festival Brouillage, Réunion Confort...) and collaborates with various artists including video artist Arnaud Dezoteux, visual artist Pauline Toyer or composer Clara De Asis. In 2018, he created the Canard workshops in Cormeray (41) with the artist Pauline Toyer, where they organised the Réunion Confort festival.

After a double degree in philosophy and fine arts, Clémence Agnez became involved with Glassbox in 2011 and co-directed it in 2014 before opening up governance to a collegial form in 2019.

She is preparing a thesis in aesthetic and political philosophy at Paris Nanterre under the supervision of Anne Sauvagnargues entitled "Déplacement et prédation, techniques muséales contemporaines et désubjectivation de la figure de l'artiste".She teaches philosophy and current affairs of art at the Duperré school, at the University of Paris VIII Saint-Denis, at the Beaux-Arts of Montpellier and at the Beaux-Arts of Clermont-Ferrand, collaborates with the magazine Zérodeux and intervenes in various art schools and universities in France and abroad. Whether at Glassbox or in his thesis work, her attention is focused on forms of production and artistic practices that favour a decentring of the subject through specific cultural devices (technical, narrative or curatorial devices).