Celsian Langlois

Celsian Langlois is an artist who lives and works in Cormeray (41). He studied music at the conservatory before graduating from ENS Louis-Lumière in 2016, then developed a practice around sound and listening.

He participates in exhibitions (at 116 in Montreuil, MAC in Lyon, +359 Galery in Sofia...), regularly performs in exhibitions or festivals (CAC Tignous in Montreuil, Galerie 26 Chaises, Festival Brouillage, Réunion Confort...) and collaborates with various artists including video artist Arnaud Dezoteux, visual artist Pauline Toyer or composer Clara De Asis. In 2018, he created the Canard workshops in Cormeray (41) with the artist Pauline Toyer, where they organised the Réunion Confort festival.