Simon Fujiwara’s Revolution presented at Lafayette Anticipations is the artist's first major solo exhibition in France. Conceived in dialogue with the Fondation’s newly renovated building, Revolution brings together large-scale works and installations, presented across three floors on the building’s mobile platforms. The majority of the pieces have been produced by Lafayette Anticipations.

Fujiwara’s work addresses the consequences of society’s belief in mass mediation and the fetishization of personal experience in a technologically revolutionary era.

Presenting the artist’s celebrated work Joanne, the exhibition begins with an exploration of the power of tabloid media, as it examines the consequences of the mass circulation of unauthorized images on the life of his art school teacher - a former beauty queen - who was the victim of a topless photo scandal. The work examines the current image of women in mainstream media landscapes.
In Empathy I, a new production, Fujiwara repositions the viewer as a sculptural object to be manipulated and physically moved on a simulated ride experience that incorporates the language of mass theme park attractions and IMAX cinema experiences.

Likeness, the second commission, is a new sculpture of Anne Frank produced from an amalgamation of existing photographs of the historical figure, and is inspired by the fact that Madame Tussauds’ produced a wax figure of Anne Frank, exhibited in Berlin as of 2012. As the demand for interactivity increases with the birth of social media, attractions such as Tussauds’ allow visitors to touch and be photographed with wax figures including historically sensitive icons such as Anne Frank. At the heart of Fujiwara’s work is a new video, returning the three-dimensional piece to the status of a two-dimensional image.

This invitation is the continuation of a dialogue between the artist and the Fondation, which started in 2014, when Fujiwara developed the project New Pompidou in the 9 rue du Plâtre building prior to its refurbishment. Established in the framework of the Centre Pompidou’s “Nouveau festival”, this piece led to the creation of a sculpture, film, conference, and performance-procession. At the forefront of artists working in new media, Fujiwara's work explores new boundaries of art-exhibition experiences.

Oct 2018
Jan 2019
Simon Fujiwara, Likeness, Production image, 2018 © Mina Milanovic. Courtesy of the artist
Simon Fujiwara, Likeness, 2018. Production image © Mina Milanovic. Courtesy of the artist
Simon Fujiwara, Joanne, 2016
Simon Fujiwara, Joanne, 2016 © Andreas Larsson/Simon Fujiwara
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23 Sep 2018
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