For Lifetime, the German artist Katinka Bock offers a work that has not been shown much to date.
The video, filmed in Super 8, is inspired by a tale about the lives of the inhabitants of Shilda, the Schildbürgers. The women of Shilda are annoyed to see their companions permanently monopolized by the king and give them an ultimatum to free themselves. It is then decided to give up their intelligence completely, in order to be less desired by the royalty. Even today in the German language, the word Schildbürger is still used to describe a "simpleton", a "hurluberlu". One day, during a war, the Schildbürgers took the bronze bell from their church to hide it under water. In order to be able to find its location once the war was over, they decided to mark the spot where the bell had sunk on the wall of their boat... Then they returned home. This tale inspired Katinka to make the video "Seechameleon".
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