Camille Blatrix, Fortune, Lafayette Anticipations
© Pierre Antoine


Date: 2019
Medium: Sculpture

Faithful to his affective and poetic relationship to objects, Camille Blatrix conceives Fortune as an inanimate robot, inspired by functional objects, claiming functionality but remaining in a state of sleep. Although the narrative is the basis of the artist's work, it eventually disappears. Camille Blatrix gives keys for reading to the visitor that he withdraws at the same time.

The sculpture, whose title Fortune refers both to financial ease and destiny, evokes also the furniture of a kitchen, a coffin and a cryogenic object. These concrete elements constitute the starting point of the artist's sculpted practice, evolving into a purely formal and aesthetic reflection. Camille Blatrix likes to offer the viewer the perception of a finite, minimalist work that reveals, as one moves around the work, softer and realer forms.

The solid pear wood veneer, which has little veining, acts like a flat tint or skin, giving to the monolithic sculpture a pinkish hue. Thus the feeling of a laminated object maintains a relationship with sensuality. The attention paid to the color makes disappear the technical effort of production of the artwork, as the technological objects are always more present in our society and always more attractive.

Like the semi-permanent installation in the basement of the Foundation, Fortune is connected to Lafayette Anticipations building and interacts with it. The sculpture is connected to the air flow of the production workshop creating according to the artist a failure in the building by the sound.
Camille Blatrix, Fortune, Lafayette Anticipations
© Pierre Antoine
Camille Blatrix, Fortune, Lafayette Anticipations
© Pierre Antoine
Camille Blatrix, Fortune, Lafayette Anticipations
© Lafayette Anticipations

Production specifications

The Foundation team and the artists produce working elements and images of the works at different stages of production (sketches, mock-ups, prototypes, etc.).
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