Everything and More

Date: 2015
Medium: HD Video
Dimensions: 11 minutes et 39 seconds
Courtesy: Pilar Corrias Gallery, London and Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York / Rome
The final work in the exhibition and journey through different states of being, Everything and More, is an exploration of –or immersion into– the human experience of infinity.
Everything and More piece centres on an interview Rose conducted with astronaut David Wolf about his space walk while on the Mir Space Station, and his return to earth a year later. Wolf recounts how his experience on this space walk opened up his senses and perceptions back on earth. His colloquial narration is cut together with a distorted sound edit Rose created using an astronomical instrument, the spectrograph, of a 1972 performance of Aretha Franklin. The artist filmed Everything and More in a neutral buoyancy lab, which contains a pool where astronauts train for zero gravity. The camera repeatedly closes into an astronaut’s suit helmet next to the pool, each time morphing into footage of crowds at concerts and microscopic shots of milk, oil, and ink that the artist created and manipulated under high-intensity lights in her apartment. Every surface and sound in Everything and More become a reflection or something to be reflected, generating intense sensory stimulation and abstraction, and a temporary understanding of what it feels to be in zero gravity.
Rachel Rose / Everything and More