PEROU, Navire Avenir

A writing and public reading performance workshop led by Sébastien Thiéry with Noëmie Ksicova and Yves-Noël Genod in the context of the inscription of acts of hospitality on UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list.
The PEROU - Pôle d'Exploration des Ressources Urbaines - works to collect, write and share the formidable gestures of hospitality that are deployed in the four corners of our metropolises.
Far from the reductive narrative that relegates refugees or exiles to a nomenclature and figures, PEROU takes note of the innumerable life paths that are theirs and of the hospitable and vital acts that are woven between them all.

In order to make them known and no longer silent, the PEROU has launched a shipyard aiming to design and float by 2024 a sea rescue boat, a place of welcome and care, a manifest and witness place, a collective work which articulates the engineering specific to the shipyard and the multiple echoes that such a project questions and requires: legal formalizations, artistic translations, driving force of the idea itself and of its realization.

In this long process, PEROU stops by Lafayette Anticipations and proposes a writing workshop and public reading of the future inauguration speech of this NAVIRE AVENIR. Starting from a framework co-written by Sébastien Thiéry, coordinator of PEROU's actions, and the author Marielle Macé, the participants will transform, amend, and write a speech, their common speech, which they will give to the public, with the complicity of a guest artist. No doubt that these shared words will project us into a future finally rich in our enthusiasm.

Saturday 25 September from 2pm to 6pm with Sébastien Thiéry and director Noëmie Ksicova:
Public reading at 5.15pm (duration: 25 minutes)
Sunday 26 September from 2pm to 7pm with Sébastien Thiéry and director Yves-Noël Genod :
Public reading at 4.15pm and 6.30pm (duration: 25 minutes)
Lafayette Anticipations
Saturday 25 Sep 2021
from 02 pm to 06 pm
Sunday 26 Sep 2021
from 02 pm to 07 pm

© Chloé Magdelaine - Lafayette Anticipations
© Marc Domage
© Chloé Magdelaine - Lafayette Anticipations
PEROU, Navire Avenir | Echelle Humaine 2021


Sébastien Thiéry has a PhD in political science.

He first taught public law and political science at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, then his research and teaching continued at the interface between contemporary art and activism in art and architecture schools as well as at the School of Political Arts founded by Bruno Latour at Sciences Po Paris.

An active member of Enfants de Don Quichotte in 2006, he founded PEROU (Pôle d'Exploration des Ressources Urbaines) with Gilles Clément in 2012, and has been directing its action-research in shanty towns, jungles, squats and shelters of all kinds ever since. In this context, he is a resident at the Villa Medici in 2020 where, in collaboration with various artists, researchers and collectives in Europe, he is coordinating an investigation with UNESCO aimed at having the act of hospitality recognised as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

A member of the editorial board of the journal Multitudes, he is the author of various research reports, exhibitions, films and books, including Considérant qu'il est plausible que de tels événements puissent à nouveau survenir. Sur l'art municipal de détruire un bidonville (2013, Post Editions) et Des Actes. A Calais et tout autour (2018, Post Editions).

Yves-Noël Genod is, in his own words, a "distributor" of poetry and light; not an inventor but a "passer-on".
Born in 1972, he has always performed or directed. He worked first with Claude Régy and François Tanguy at Théâtre du Radeau. His experience of contact improvisation led him towards dance and a collaboration with Loïc Touzé who in 2003 gave him carte blanche to produce his first performance for the Let's Dance festival at the Lieu Unique art centre in Nantes. Titled Waiting for Genod, it built on British and American stand-up. This would be the first of many commissions (all cartes blanches) for shows - almost a hundred to date - and performances, for the most part presented at festivals or centres for dance or hybrid art forms. These works are theatre stripped of drama and action, leaving only the poetry, the phantom, the trace. Yves-Noël Genod has worked with numerous artists who now perform at the world's leading venues. In this respect, he has marked a generation.

After violin studies, Noëmie Ksicova studied directing at INSAS in Brussels.

She stayed there for only one year and decided to return to France to work as an actress. In the theatre, she acted under the direction of Maurice Bénichou, Sandrine Pirès, Patrick Haggiag, Jean-François Mariotti and for television.

From 2013, she focuses on her directing, installation and writing projects. She directed two performances in Switzerland, Chaines and Vertiges, as well as two video installations Il fait beau and Lait. In 2017, she created Rapture, which was partly inspired by The Rapture of Lol. V. Stein by Marguerite Duras at Mains d'Oeuvres where she is in residence.

Rapture will be revived at the Théâtre de Belleville in 2018. In 2019, she will join the Pôle européen de création Campus Amiens Valenciennes. She will create Loss in 2020.

Noëmie regularly works with different audiences in workshops. She is also a companion artist at the MCA in Amiens and a hummingbird artist at the Compagnie de l'Oiseau Mouche.