Marie-Noëlle Genod

Yves-Noël Genod
Born in 1972. Lives and works in Paris (France).
Marie-Noëlle Genod describes herself as a "distributor" of poetry and light, she doesn't invent anything that doesn't already exist, she makes the ferret go by, "she's been here, she'll go there again", she reveals.

She has always acted and directed. She first worked with Claude Régy and François Tanguy (Théâtre du Radeau). After practising contact improvisation, she moved on to dance, working mainly with Loïc Touzé. In 2003, Loïc Touzé offered her carte blanche to produce her first show at the Let's Dance festival at Lieu Unique (Nantes). En attendant Genod was based on the Anglo-Saxon stand-up model. A series of commissions (always "cartes blanches") followed: shows - nearly a hundred to date - and performances, usually presented at festivals or venues for dance or hybrid forms. A theatre from which the drama and action have been removed, leaving only the poetry, the ghost, the trace. Marie-Noëlle Genod has worked with many performers who can now be found on the biggest stages; in this sense, it could be said that she has marked a generation.