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Dérives with Ligia Lewis

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Sunday 26 Sep 2021 from 9:30am to 11am

For this next Dérives talk with choreographer and director Ligia Lewis, we will explore her most recent work opening onto bodies of stillness through the lenses of critical race theory, performance and film studies.

The radical contributions of thinkers David S. Marriott, Tina Campt, and Hortense Spillers will be woven into conversation with the arresting work of artists such as Steve McQueen - sources central to Lewis' movement-based practices and lines of questioning.

In conversation* with Madeleine Planeix-Crocker, associate curator.

As part of the Echelle Humaine festival, the film Deader than Dead by Ligia Lewis will be screened on 25 and 26 September.

*The talk is held in English and will be available for replay in our media library in October, with French subtitles.

Ligia Lewis est chorégraphe et danseuse. Son travail chorégraphique glisse entre le familier et l'inconnu.

Le corps, dans et par la pratique incarnée, rencontre des métaphores sonores et visuelles matérialisant l'énigme, la poésie et la dissonance dans son travail.

Sa dernière création scénique s’intitule Still Not Still (2021), et succède à une performance produite dans un contexte muséal, deader than dead (2020), présentée désormais sous forme de film.

En tant que danseuse, elle a collaboré avec de nombreux.ses artistes tel.le.s que Ariel Efraim Ashbel, Mette Ingvartsen, Eszter Salamon ou Les Ballets C de la B. Elle a également travaillé avec l'artiste musical Twin Shadow, l'artiste visuelle Wu Tsang, et avec le collectif de DJ NON Worldwide.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Madeleine Planeix-Crocker is associate curator at Lafayette Anticipations.

In 2018, she founded the "Warm Up Sessions", a cycle of public and participative meetings around training practices in dance and performance. In the spring of 2021, she proposes the "Dérives" series, which aims to contribute to the writing of new histories of the arts through dialogues co-constructed with contemporary artists. Her interests lie at the crossroads of research and curation of feminist, queer and intersectional performances.

Madeleine is also co-director of the Chair "Troubles, Dissidences and Aesthetics" at the Beaux Arts de Paris and a permanent member of the Scientific Research Council of the ESAD in Reims.

A graduate of Princeton University in cultural studies, Madeleine obtained a Master's degree in Media, Art and Creation from HEC Paris and a Master's degree from EHESS. There she carried out a research-creation project with the association Women Safe, where she now runs a theatre and creative writing workshop. Madeleine is currently doing a thesis at EHESS (CRAL) on contemporary communal performance in France.

She has practiced dance and theatre since childhood.


David S. Marriott, Corpsing; or, The Matter of Black Life (2016)

Tina Campt, Listening to Images (2017)

Sylvia Wynter, No Humans Involved (2015)

Katherine McKittrick, Sylvia Wynter: On Being Human as Praxis (2014)

Juliette Singh, Unthinking Mastery: Dehumanism and Decolonial Entanglements (2018)

Ralph Lemon, Performing a Distance (2020)