Lafayette Anticipations continues this cycle of conferences through which the production team - in dialogue with the artists - makes visible the process of designing and implementing artistic projects.
The Foundation invites Katinka Bock to present the different stages of the production of the Tumulte exhibition in Higienópolis, in conversation with Dirk Meylaerts, Production Director, Thomas Boutoux and Clara Schulmann.
Lafayette Anticipations
Friday 06 Dec 2019
from 07 pm to 08:30 pm

Free admission

Lafayette Anticipations
Production de l'oeuvre "Rauschen"


Katinka Bock was born in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). She has graduated at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee (2004) and has a post-diploma from the National School of Fine Arts of Lyon (2005), she lives and works in Paris.
Katinka Bock is German. She has been living in France since the early 2000s. Her approach involves a discursive understanding of sculpture. The form is often the result of a working process in which the rational and the unexpected response to each other. Her work now occupies an important place on the international art scene. Her work is represented by galleries Jocelyn Wolff (Paris), Meyer Riegger (Berlin) and Greta Meert (Brussels).

Noted for her sculpture work, in 2012 she received the 14th Ricard Foundation Prize and the Dorothea von Stetten Prize in Germany. She is also a resident at Villa Medicis in 2012-2013. KatinkaBock presented a travelling exhibition project at the Kunst Museum Winterthur, the MUDAM in Luxembourg and the IAC in Villeurbanne. Her work is currently being presented at the Pivô art centre in São Paulo in an exhibition entitled Avalanche.
She is nominated for the Marcel Duchamp Prize 2019.
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Clara Schulmann is an art critic.
She has edited several books: "Jeux sérieux. Cinema and contemporary art transform the essay", (HEAD/Mamco, Geneva, 2015), "Palmanova" (Form(e)s, Paris, 2016), "Laura Mulvey, Au-delà du plaisir visuel. Feminism, enigmas, cinephilia" (Mimésis, Paris, 2017). She has contributed to several monographs: "Mike Kelley", Centre Georges Pompidou (2013), "Joachim Koester: Of Spirits and Empty Spaces", SMAK (2014), "Hélène Delprat. The works and the days" (Dilecta, 2017). Several critical articles: "Rien n'est magique", exhibition Marie Angeletti, castillo/corrales, Paris, 2014, "A Girl and a Tree. Time Flies like a Banana", in Next Spring, Wellington (2016), "Crooked", exhibition Valérie Mréjen, Galerie Anne-Sarah Benichou (2016). She has a doctorate in film studies. Her thesis was published in 2014 ("Les Chercheurs d'or. Films d'artistes, Histoires de l'art", Presses du réel). Between 2012 and 2018, she taught history and art theory at the Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts de Bordeaux (Ebabx). She is now in charge of a diploma seminar at the Beaux-Arts de Paris (Ensba).
Her collaboration with Katinka Bock gave birth to several meetings: at the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers in 2015 and as part of Manifesta (Palermo, 2018). Texts report on these collaborations, including: "Squirrels to the nuts", in Zarba Lonsa, Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers (2015).
Thomas Boutoux is a French writer, curator and publisher. He is a founding member of the publishing house Metronome Press (2004-2008) in Paris, the exhibition place castillo/corrales (2007-2015) and now of the publishing house Paraguay.
The exhibition All Collected Voices with Helena Papadopoulos, Radio Athens, Athens (2017), the writing and staging of the play Busy Time with Guillaume Leblon as part of Front, Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art (2018), then the book The Mustache Hidden in the Beard , in collaboration with Francisco Tropa (2018) can be found among his most recent projects.

For the past ten years, Thomas Boutoux has collaborated regularly with Katinka Bock both as publisher of her first catalogue, author on two occasions for catalogues on her work and as curator, in Paris in Castillo/corrales (2010 and 2011) and in Mexico at Museo El Eco, Mexico (2016).

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