Family activities

Every weekend, take advantage of our fun-filled activities to experience the Gold Rush fun fair as a family!

On board! (3/5 years)

Let us tell you the incredible story of the software pirate who stole the flame in the amusing world of Gold Rush, a fun fair with stunning attractions that takes you on a journey through time and dimensions!

Every Sunday at 11am

Free on booking (in french)

Chasing the Hacker (Family Escape Game, 6/10 years)

Help the secret services find the Hacker, the terrible computer hacker who stole the flame! According to some witnesses, the flame has been hidden in Lafayette Anticipations' new fun fair... The only way to find it is to solve an escape game on an unusual course that includes a spaceship, a motorbike that rears up and a golf foot!

Every Saturday at 2:30pm

Free on booking (in french)