For The Record

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2 days of Festival
From 27 to 28 May 2023

1 year and 1 months ago

Lafayette Anticipations presents the first edition of For The Record, a music and art's cross-over festival. Over one weekend, the Fondation will explore musical creativity by inviting some thirty record labels to take over its spaces in order to take visitors behind the scenes of their musical world.

Through joyful discussions around musical creativity, the Festival brings together players from the musical and artistic scenes, notably artists, musicians, composers, and performers, from both well-known and emerging labels.

A series of roundtable discussions will cover the idea of partying, the history of music, the emergence of scenes, new feminisms, and the virtues of music. The participating labels will present their latest records, cassettes, and limited editions at their booths, sharing their love of music through both French and international independent projects. DJ sets and concerts will take place throughout the programme.

For The Record creates a connection between those who produce music and those who listen to, love, and support it. A celebration of the evocative power of music and its ability to create shared worlds, the festival aims to mirror the major issues of the day.

Along with the Closer Music Festival and concerts throughout the year, the For The Record festival reflects Lafayette Anticipations’s commitment to fostering fertile and creative exchanges between art and music.