Lukas Dhont graduated with a diploma in audio-visual arts from the KASK Academy in Ghent. His short films, Corps Perdu and L’Infini, received numerous prizes, namely from the Ghent Film Festival and the Louvain International Short Film Festival. L’Infini also qualified for the Oscars in 2015.
Throughout his studies, he focused on fiction but also explored the possibilities offered by the documentary genre. His short film, Skin of Glass, was selected in 2012 for the Your Film Festival in Venice. In 2016, Lukas Dhont was the winner of the Cinéfondation residency in Cannes, recognised for writing his first feature film Another Skin, currently in production. This piece combines themes the filmmaker has already explored, including: dance, transformation and identity. Lukas Dhont collaborates regularly with choreographer and dancer Jan Martens with whom he co-signed a performance titled The Common People.
Mutant Stage 9, a film by Lukas Dhont with Jan Martens, 2017 © Stéphane Perche

Exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations