Louise Hémon is a film director, she studied at the Bologna Art University and at the Femis. She is fascinated by the body in trance, caught between rituals and obsessions, which could also be anorexic, body-built or marble-made. She also has a special attachment to mythology and contemporary dance.
After a first short fiction, Onze repas (2010) which was awarded at the Festival of Aguilar (Spain), she turned to experimental films and music videos. In 2014, she produced a documentary epic, L’homme le plus fort, produced by Legato Films and Arte. In 2015, she co-wrote with Emilie Rousset a new short film Ritual 1: Anniversaire, produced by the Centre Pompidou. Her films are shown at international festivals such as Hot Docs Toronto, DokumentART, Côté Court, Off Piste and FIFIB in Bordeaux.
Mutant Stage 5 "Cavern", a film by Louise Hémon with Alix Eynaudi and Matthieu Barbin, 2016 © Stéphane Perche

Exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations