Konstantin Lipatov is a film director who has been working with Olga Dukhovnaya since 2006. Together they set up video-dance workshops in Moscow, Yaroslav and at the Université Rennes 2.
In 2006, he began his collaboration as a director with Olga Dukhovnaya and other Russian choreographers. His films including White Swan, 2010 or Strangers, 2013 have been presented and awarded at many international festivals. Together with Olga Dukhovnaya, he has set up video-dance workshops which he regularly conducts in Moscow, Yaroslav and Rennes 2 University.
Mutant Stage 4 "Korowod", a film by Olga Dukhovnaya and Konstantin Lipatov with Amalia Alba, Florence Casanave, Olga Dukhovnaya, Lisa Miramond, Annabelle Pirlot, 2015 © Stéphane Perche

Exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations