Date: 2019
Medium: Silicone and natural dyed hair
Courtesy: Courtesy the artist and Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

This work is an abstract portrait of a woman and the marks left on her hair by the passage of time through five stages of life.

What initially appears to be an anatomical object quickly gives way to an almost hallucinatory vision. The head is in fact a sphere, and vice versa, while the hair covers the spaces from which a face could have emerged. Somewhere between naturalism, hyperrealism, and surrealism, the work appropriates the long tradition of the vanitas. This major genre of seventeenth century Dutch painting focused on the representation of objects symbolizing the emptiness of earthly existence. The work seems to be inspired by the famous phrase memento mori, ‘remember that you are going to die,’ which reminds us to accept our own decline and thus a form of ethics of detachment.

Production specifications

The Fondation preserves and documents traces of the works at various stages of their creation (sketches, models, prototypes, etc.).
Mise en place des mèches de cheveux sur les sphères
12 January 2020
Recherches en atelier sur la fabrication des sphères
09 January 2020
Recherches artistiques
09 December 2019
Fabrication des sphères
15 November 2019
Dirk Meylaerts