Lafayette Anticipations
Space Loom © Roel van Tour

Space Loom

Date: 2019
Medium: Métier à tisser
Dimensions: 16m

Space Loom is the new creation by Jongeriuslab design studio, using the moving platforms of Lafayette Anticipations building as the actual structure of a monumental loom. Warp threads more than 16m long are hung in the "sky" of the Foundation. Each of these threads is unique, designed one by one by the Jongeriuslab.

From small platforms, weavers intertwine weft yarns, as musiciens playing on a huge instrument. Little by little, the weft threads form spheres, volumes and patterns which take shape within the tower’s vertical space.

The originality of this loom lies not only in its monumentality but also in its design. Usually the warp yarns are regular and it is the weft yarns that create the patterns in the textile: here Hella Jongerius has reversed the ancestral hierarchy of the loom.

"Textile" and "text" both relate to the latin verb tessere, which means "to weave". Thus Space Loom will be a machine that weaves letters, offering the chance to literally develop a textile language in order to communicate about tactility and surfaces. The objects invite the viewer to "close reading" of the surface to define the notion of affective and aesthetic quality.
Lafayette Anticipations
Space Loom © Roel van Tour

Production specifications

The Foundation team and the artists produce working elements and images of the works at different stages of production (sketches, mock-ups, prototypes, etc.).
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