On False Tears and Outsourcing

Date: 2016
Medium: Performance. Lead vocalists, back-up vocalists, pianist, guitarist, bass player, refrigerator, carpet, two-way mirrors
View of the exhibition Joining Forces with the Unknown, Cally Spooner, 2016
For Joining Forces with the Unknown, Cally Spooner puts on the hat of music producer and, with the help of Lafayette Anticipation, gathers together a group of professional musicians and singers to participate in the making of a hit.
The seeds of the song were sewn in July 2015 at Vleeshal in Middelburg (the Netherlands) when five vocalists produced content for a first demo, which is now a tool for the musicians to produce a commercial song. In this project, Cally Spooner explores the power dynamics between her administrative instructions giver on a daily basis and the musicians’ personal imput. Every morning, the artist will send directions by email with which the musicians will work during the day. Throughout the first week, the song will be in a state of constant negotiation, to which multiple participants will contribute. The second week is dedicated to the recording of the song and its post-production under the direction of Cally Spooner and Peter Joslyn. Each of the participants of this project is bound by a contract that establishes clearly the intellectual property repartition over the song and throws into question Spooner’s own administrative labour, as needing to be ascertained and valued as a form of artistry. The final version of the song was launched at the occasion of Cally Spooner’s lecture-performance included in the FIAC program. Peter Joslyn (music director) Alexandre Bodak and Baptiste Allard de Allard & Bodak (production coordinator) Rémi Richarme (bass player) François Virot (guitariste) Martin Pennec (drummer) Nikita Ramic (pianist) Charlotte Planchou and Nelly Rouselle (vocalists)