Specially for Lifetime, Cally Spooner offers us a score of 29 drawings as well as a film of Maggie Segale dancing the drawings.
"SWEAT SHAME ETC. (Pencil, colored pencil and ink on technical paper, plastic) is a score of 29 drawings to be shown at a moment of temporal, economic, managerial and physical stagnation. In the drawings, hastily sketched figures are maintaining their bodies, despite losing underpants, socks and limbs. Their heads are erased. They are buoyant. Beginning in the deep time emotional muscles of a locked-down, static body, the drawings move through a stretch chart, gone slightly berserk. They end in Cartesian sabotage; a call for the individual and social body to lose its managerial head, reveal its physical condition, and endure. Now that we exist in an ongoing, day-to-day present tense, a difference that will make all the difference is not in macro visible muscles, nor the big projects, or a storyboarded plot, but in tiny local links and counter-moves. These vibrate through bodies, brains and environments, rustling about in doorways, missing the big-screen action, losing their managerial, future orientated head, re-working their present-tense grammar. The score is accompanied by a film of Maggie Segale dancing the drawings, in a rehearsal for what was to come, at Swiss Institute, New York, in December 2018." Cally Spooner Cally Spooner SWEAT SHAME ETC., 2018 Pencil, colored pencil and ink on technical paper, plastic Courtesy of the artist and gb agency, Paris Private Collection
⇢ #19 | Maggie Segale dances SWEAT SHAME ETC., 2018, 29 drawings by Cally Spooner