© Pierre Antoine
This fake shop, designed and built by the artist Steff Norwood, is based on a traditional clothes shop in Ostend (Belgium) which has since closed down.
Atelier E.B’s clothes are showed in Fake Shop or Faux Shop without a mannequin using the skills of window dressers. This involves pining and hanging which give to the clothes a sort of movement and dynamic. There is a contrast between the spectacular of the show and the pretty unspectacular clothes. This skilled area reminds of the gentlemen outfitters into the street of Naples in Paris, a real art which has been lost.

Production specifications

The Fondation preserves and documents traces of the works at various stages of their creation (sketches, models, prototypes, etc.).
Proposition Plan général de l'expo
17 January 2019
Usinage des sculptures en atelier de production à Lafayette Anticipations
04 December 2018
Visite atelier Pierre Imbertèche
Moulage des sculptures fraisés par Créaform
23 November 2018
début fraisage des sculptures par Créaform
07 July 2018
mise en route de la production pour l'expo:schéma de fonctionnement
23 March 2018