Samia Henni and Zineb Sedira

Meeting between Samia Henni, historian and theoretician of architecture, on the occasion of the French translation of her book "Architecture de la contre-révolution", and Zineb Sedira, artist whose exhibition "L'Espace d'un instant - A Brief Moment" is to be seen until 19 January at the Jeu de Paume.
This discussion aims to discuss common or resonant themes in the respective research of Samia Henni and Zineb Sedira, whether it be memory and history, particularly Algerian in colonial and postcolonial times, the work of archives, or the place of art and artists "facing History".

In her essay, Samia Henni analyses the urban planning and architectural policies implemented by the French colonial state during the long war of Algerian independence (1954-1962). This book provides a documented and accurate account of how the colonial regime planned and implemented tactical demolition programmes and developed new structures to facilitate close control of the Algerian population and the protection of the European communities in Algeria.

Zineb Sedira's work develops in diverse forms such as video, film, installation or photography. Her works reflect the artist's interest in oral histories, their collection, recording and transmission, but they also reveal her profound interest in postcolonial history and in the problems of global ecological destruction due to overproduction and the universal movement of people and goods.

Samia Henni's book is published by B42 (Paris).
Zineb Sedira's exhibition "L'Espace d'un instant - A Brief Moment" is presented at the Jeu de Paume (Paris) until 19 January 2020.
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