Riso Afternoons

Lafayette Anticipations places production at the heart of its activity. As such, the Fondation envisions its editorial programme as a tool of expression and transmission at the service of artists and the public at large.
Throughout the exhibition Le centre ne peut tenir, a temporary printing workshop is installed in the Fondation’s Agora. In this location situated on the ground floor, the exhibition’s catalogue will be printed in risography and published in September 2018.

On this occasion, Lafayette Anticipations is pleased to launch “Riso Afternoons”: each Saturday, the Fondation’s cultural mediators open the printing workshop to all. This is the opportunity to learn about this machine’s unique functioning, as well as its creative potential: from fanzine and poster publication, to its diverse color and pattern possibilities.

Practical information

The workshop is open to children and adults alike. It takes place over three hours, from 3 – 6 PM. The participants can attend the entire session or a shorter period.

Access to the first session on Saturday, August 4 is free of charge for all. Reservations for the following sessions can be done online or at the Fondation’s welcome desk.

A purchased ticket grants access to the printing workshops and to the exhibition.
Saturday 04 Aug 2018
from 03 pm to 06 pm
Saturday 11 Aug 2018
from 03 pm to 06 pm
Saturday 18 Aug 2018
from 03 pm to 06 pm
Saturday 25 Aug 2018
from 03 pm to 06 pm
Saturday 01 Sep 2018
from 03 pm to 06 pm

Atelier de risographie installé dans <i>The Transvector</i> conçu par Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation dans l’Agora de Lafayette Anticipations © Lafayette Anticipations
Risography workshop set up in The Transvector, conceived by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation for Lafayette Anticipations’ Agora © Lafayette Anticipations