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A discussion with art historian Charlotte Cosson and philosopher Jean-Philippe Pierron on the occasion of the preview of their books in the collection Voix de la Terre (Actes Sud)

Charlotte Cosson is an art historian, independent curator and teacher at Science-Po Aix.

She is looking for the artworks and rituals that make it possible for modern people to feel part of the living fabric of the world. Her field of experimentation is in Provence, where she helps 2.6 hectares of land to be rewilded and humans to feel connected through trance.

Jean-Philippe Pierron is director of the "Values of Care" chair and teaches at the University of Bourgogne where he directs the "Medical and Environmental Humanities" master's degree.

He has published Je est un nous. Enquête philosophique sur nos interdépendances avec le vivant (Actes Sud, 2021), Philosophie du soin. Ethique, politique et esthétique (Hermann, 2021) and Méditer comme une montagne. Exercices spirituels d'attention à la Terre et à ceux qui l'habitent (L'atelier, 2023).