Mini Rave Party

A practical introductory workshop to electronic music in a festive and playful atmosphere with DJs and producers with a strong background, Crystallmess and Sentimental Rave.
This workshop is designed for children from 7 to 12 years old.
Lafayette Anticipations
Saturday 21 Nov 2020
from 03 pm to 05 pm
Sunday 22 Nov 2020
from 03 pm to 05 pm



Christelle Oyiri aka Crystallmess is a DJ, producer but also a writer and mixed media artist keen on shedding light on past and present subcultures.
Her DJ style is eclectic yet cohesive, relying more on textures, sound continuum and narrative rather than genres while still rocking the dance floor.

Tackling the subjects of club culture, colonial alienation and alternative temporalities, she created “Collective Amnesia” in 2018. Inspired by Cybernetic Club Research Unit’s Kodwo Eshun work on Afrofuturism and music, this multidisciplinary performance mixing film and DJing, and traditional vocal performance of griology celebrates the forgotten history of logobi, an urban Afro-French dance from the mid-00s merging hardcore techno and coupé décalé.
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Sentimental Rave is a self-taught DJ, producer, and photographer, based in Saint-Denis, France.

Her inspiration comes from rave music, hardcore, experimental music, and techno. She is the reflection of a thousand night owls who gather in the suburban warehouses of European cities, just like it was in the golden age of the very first raves. Her music oscillates between the violence of her kick drums and her own sensitivity. One can hear in her tracks the lonely and nocturnal wanderings of today's youth.