The Language of Plants with Julia Graves

First broadcast 6 days ago

The Language of Plants with Julia Graves

What do plants communicate to us? Herbalist Julia Graves offers a tour of the Surface Horizon exhibition centred on the meticulous observation of the plants that make it up.
She invites us to decode their language, to recognise their medicinal virtues and what they can tell us about the environment in which we live.

During this walk, Julia Graves stops in front of some of the works in the exhibition to listen to what the plants have to say. Her reading of the different chapters of the exhibition is based on her research into the language of plants, as described in her book The Language of Plants. A Guide to the Doctrine of Signatures.
Thursday 22 Jul 2021
from 07 pm to 07:23 pm


Julia Graves is a flower essence practitioner, creator, master herbalist, psychotherapist and homeopath.

She was raised in Germany by an herbalist mother and orthopedic surgeon father. Julia studied herbalism, traditional European medicine, anthroposophic massage as well as cupping as a teenager. She then studied medicine at Kiel University for four years. She wrote her doctoral thesis on her ethno-medical field research on traditional midwives and healers in a remote area of Zimbabwe. Thereafter, Julia trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist. While working as a flower essence counselor for the past 25 years, she focused on working with children, women, and families, as well as using flower essences in energy body work.

In 2010, she founded the Naturopathic Earth Quake Survivor Relief Clinic in response to the devastating earthquake to Haiti, and has headed the clinic in its missions that has since offered free treatment to over 70 000 people.

Julia is the author of The Language of Plants, a detailed guide to the doctrine of signatures, which became an instant classic since its publication in 2012, as well as of The Lily Circle - Practical Guide and Repertory and Healing Animals.