The Gentrification of the Mind

Sarah Schulman in conversation with Elisabeth Lebovici

In this gripping memoir of the AIDS years (1981–1996), Sarah Schulman recalls how much of the rebellious queer culture, cheap rents, and a vibrant downtown arts movement vanished almost overnight to be replaced by gay conservative spokespeople and mainstream consumerism.
Schulman takes us back to her Lower East Side and brings it to life, filling these pages with vivid memories of her avant-garde queer friends and dramatically recreating the early years of the AIDS crisis as experienced by a political insider. Interweaving personal reminiscence with cogent analysis, Schulman details her experience as a witness to the loss of a generation’s imagination and the consequences of that loss.

The Gentrification of the Mind is published in the Culture collection directed by artist Mathieu Abonnenc and dedicated to critical anthropology and art history.

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Lafayette Anticipations

Sunday 14 Oct 2018
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Elisabeth Lebovici, Sarah Schulmann, Lafayette Anticipations
Elisabeth Lebovici et Sarah Schulmann Lafayette Anticipations

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