Culture Générale Générale

A bimonthly workshop of observations, discussions, cut-outs, harlequinades, models, inflation, accessories, enunciations, drawings, writing, projections, television vocal arts for a collaborative final piece proposed by Charlotte Khouri
The objective of these workshops is to co-construct a fake television show on general culture with the participants, thanks to the intervention of various guests whose work Charlotte Khouri likes: guests with the qualities of artists, specialists, authors, draftsmen, performers, directors and singers.
This collaborative piece, which may be a simulacrum of a television show shooting, is punctuated by chronicles that will have been fomented throughout these 15 sequences. The idea was to update the television format designed by "L'Assiette anglaise". Broadcast from 1987 to 1989 on Antenne 2, this program was hosted by Bernard Rapp surrounded by a group of friends. British in appearance, it offered an offbeat and critical analysis of current events, companies, press coverage, ecology, sports, punctuated by comical outdoor reports.

Thursday, November 7
'If the general culture had shown me.'
Presentation and discussion session on the notion of general culture, by Charlotte Khouri with Denis Ramond (Doctor of Political Science) and Charles Coustille (Doctor of Literary Science).

Thursday, November 28
'L'Assiette anglaise, a disparate cultural show from the 1980s'
Broadcasting of extracts from an English Plate and meeting.

Thursday, December 19
Due to the national strike movement, the workshop is canceled.

Thursday, January 16
'Art, television, and others.'
Meeting with Clémence de Montgolfier (artist-researcher) on her thesis "Art on French Television from 1960 to 2013" and orientation discussion following the first three workshops.

Thursday, February 6
'If contemporary General Culture was a television chronicle, spoken'
Writing workshop with Thibaud Croisy (author, playwright).

Thursday, February 20
'If General Culture were a TV chat room setting, which would it be?'
Model workshop on set design with Clara Stengel (artist).

Thursday, March 5
'Which choir for which songs for which general culture?'
Workshop for writing short but effective songs with Jeanne Moynot (artist).

Thursday, March 19 Cancelled
'Modulate the voice to better tint the content: what the written word cannot, the voice does.'
Workshop with Manu Joucla (actor).

Thursday, April 2 Cancelled
'Which icon of icons for the kingdom of general culture?'
Workshop to create a totem character with Louise Siffert (artist).

Thursday, April 23rd Cancelled
'If general culture were told to me, back to the covers of magazines and non-specialized books that general culture can still create'
Drawing workshop for the creation of a book of images/forms/drawings with Maxime Testu (artist).

Thursday, May 7 Cancelled
'The general culture is spoken'
Workshop with Charlotte Khouri
Putting into practice the elements created, the decor and the texts.
Session #4 with Thibaud Croisy
Whorkshop view Culture Générale Générale #2
Whorkshop view Culture Générale Générale general culture quiz by Denis Ramond and Charles Coustille


Charlotte Khouri is an artist who designs sets, props and texts to perform on camera or live.
Her performative practice is anchored first of all in an alleged practice of painting graphic motifs, and making or finding accessories. These first practices allow her to activate by voice a ghostly link between forms and subjects, making them sometimes witnesses, sometimes support a scenic complicity with the spectator or with a personified object. By moving existing images, figures, or architectures, adjusting them to new scales, she reappropriates an ultra-present, almost ghostly cultural and historical continuum.

She studied at the Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts de Marseille, then at the Haute Ecole d'art et de design de Genève. She participated in the Salon de Montrouge in May 2019. At the invitation of Anne Le Troter, they together wrote and directed about ten plays of residential theatre which were hosted by the Centre d'art de Saint-Nazaire - le Grand Café, then by the Frac Champagnes-Ardennes and finally by the Théâtre de Nanterre-Amandiers in the Poltergeist programme. She is currently in residence at La Galerie, the Noisy-le-sec art centre, until April 2020.