Ana Roxanne

A Californian musician now based in New York, Ana Roxanne was first spotted by the quality of her broadcasts on the web-radio NTS, before making the international circles of the ambient planet rustle with her first self-produced EP.
With the release of Because of a Flower in 2020, Ana Roxanne pushes the journey even further and digs deeper than ever into the space between electronic meditation, dream pop and ambient.

Beautifully intertwined, her inspirations sail between pop culture (the R&B divas of the 1980s and 1990s) and spiritual music (the Catholic choirs she was raised in) and synthesise into a unique intuitive sonic language that is both atmospheric and ancient, soothing and intimate.
Lafayette Anticipations
Sunday 07 Nov 2021
from 07:30 pm to 09 pm

© Yuki Kikuchi


Ana's love of music and singing began with her mother's collection of CDs of R&B divas from the 80s and 90s.

Raised in the Catholic Church, she became an avid choir member and took every opportunity to sing, whether it was for church mass, her Catholic high school jazz ensemble or karaoke at family gatherings.

Her commitment to singing led to a brief stint in a professional jazz program in the cornfields of the Midwest; in a remote town of 7,000, she began formal study of jazz and classical music.

During these years, she traveled with various ensembles to the beautiful old cathedrals in nearby towns and fell in love with the sacredness of choral music, as well as the enveloping sound of harmony.

In 2013 Ana was also fortunate enough to spend a few months in Uttarkhand, India, where she met an incredible voice teacher who introduced her to Hindustani classical singing. Living and studying with this teacher had a profound impact on her vision of the voice as an art form. It was here that she began to see the singer - the Diva - as a symbol of divinity; that the unique power of the voice comes from the vulnerability of using the body as an instrument.

This brief study was the catalyst that led her to complete her music studies at the experimental Mills College in Oakland, CA, where she began to combine all of these influences into her current self-titled project.

In addition to the cult of R&B and pop divas, Ana's current practice explores themes of gender & identity.