As part of the Fondation’s opening, Camille Blatrix has explored for one year a concealed space of the building that may be seen only if accompanied by a cultural mediator.

Located near the production workshop – where the piece was assembled – and at a distance from the exhibition space – where we would expect to find it, the young artist's semi-permanent installation echoes the Fondation’s technical functions. It was inspired by the geothermic wells and the network that irrigate the building at its heart: Camille Blatrix interprets these fluids as the generator of a continual flow that releases an unremitting energy.

This installation may be seen only if accompanied by a cultural mediator. For more information, please contact us: mediation[a]

Mar 2018
Apr 2019
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Interview with Romain Bertel, 2018
Video produced for ReBond, the application that offers a digital visit of Lafayette Anticipations
© Lafayette Anticipations
Installation de Camille Blatrix, 2018 © Lafayette Anticipations
Camille Blatrix, Installation at lafayette Anticipations, 2018 © Lafayette Anticipations
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08 Sep 2019
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